here An effective marketing tool designed to stimulate the conversion of site visitors into customers. It helps you to configure and place animated notifications in the required location of the web resource, showing the activity of the registered users. The extension is designed to create a “sense of queue” or “herd effect”, motivating the visitors of the page to perform any actions.



  • Powerful Editor
  • Excellent Animation
  • Custom Style
  • Place them anywhere
  • Insert Any Content
  • Customize Close Button
  • Insert custom images
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Font Awesome 5
  • Ability to enter an attractive title


  • Use and set a notification link
  • Insert close button
  • Display only for a specified period of time (from and to)
  • Ability to enter values for each variable
  • Set output, specify the intervals for the appearance and closing of the element
  • Notifications number control
  • Displaying for all or only for particular category of the users
  • Adjust output depending on the resolution of the device screen
  • Set the display according to the selected language for sites with localization
  • Demonstration on all or individual pages of a web resource

Can be used for:

  • Pop-up alerts
  • Notifications of user registration
  • Messages with information about the purchase of goods
  • Notifications about payment for the service
  • Subscription notifications of a new user
  • Pop-up message about social network sharing
  • Notifications about the entry for the event and much more