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WordPress plugin designed to generate and manage sticky Floating Buttons, capable of performing any defined actions on your website.

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Awesome Features


33 Social Share

Use up to 33 different social sharing services to spread your page content across the internet.


Employ Google Translate to translate your page into a selected language, broadening your audience reach.

Next, Previous Post

This feature generates intuitive links to subsequent or previous blog posts, providing optimized navigation and a seamless reading experience for your website visitors.


Enable users to print the page directly from the website.

Vertical Navigation

This feature enables users to swiftly navigate to either the top or bottom of a webpage, enhancing the overall site usability and providing a more pleasant browsing experience.

Browser History Navigation

This feature allows users to conveniently navigate to the subsequent or preceding URL in their browsing history, provided it's available, making for a more seamless and intuitive browsing experience.

Smooth Scrolling

Enables a seamless and efficient journey to any chosen element on your webpage

User Navigation Links

Features tailored integrations for essential user navigation paths, such as LogIn, LogOut, Register, and Lostpassword.

Like Button

Empowers users by providing them with the option to express their admiration for your posts via "Like" button.

Scroll-Controlled Display

Utilize the power of user scroll behavior to manage the visibility of your buttons. This attribute empowers you to designate specific scroll positions where your buttons will unveil or vanish.

Timout Display

Set up a countdown in seconds, upon completion of which your buttons will reveal or disappear.

Page-Click Sub-Button Hiding

Experience cleaner and more efficient page navigations through our Page-Click Sub-Button Hiding feature. This component works by ensuring instantaneous closing of all active sub-buttons when any part of the page is clicked by users.

Sub-Button Click Hiding

Particularly useful for single-page navigation menus, this feature allows you to auto-hide sub-buttons upon clicking them. This ensures a seamless user experience by preventing the screen from getting crowded with open sub-buttons after they've been selected.

Hide Other Buttons

Once activated, this functionality guarantees that selecting the primary button will cause all remaining floating buttons to disappear.


2000+ FontAwesome Icons

Plethora of choices to pick the most suitable icon that aligns seamlessly with the aesthetic requirements of their buttons, enhancing visual appeal and user experience.

Custom Image

Allows for a greater level of personalization for your buttons by letting you use a custom image as an icon. You are not limited to pre-set icons; instead, you can upload and utilize any image of your choice as the icon for your buttons, enabling you to fully express your brand's unique identity and style.

Emoji and Symbols

Capability to adorn your buttons with any emoji, HTML symbol, or even integrate a straightforward letter as your button icon, thereby enabling you to infuse visual experiences.

Customizable Icon Classes

Should you prefer to leverage custom icon libraries apart from FontAwesome Free, our plugin introduces the 'Icon Classes' feature. Making effective use of this functionality, you can identify and establish the class of your chosen icon, allowing seamless incorporation of highly tailored icons into your buttons.



Choice of four distinct default shapes - Circle, Ellipse, Square, and Rounded Square. Each one has a unique aesthetic, allowing you to align your buttons with the overall design theme and enhancing your website's user interface.


Ability to subtly adjust their button's location using both positive and negative offset values. The fine-tuned control over horizontal and vertical shifts helps align your buttons perfectly, ensuring a polished, professional appearance and an enhanced user interface.

Custom Buttons Size

This tool provides users with the capability to independently adjust the dimensions of the main button and the sub-buttons on their website. This feature makes it simple to tailor button sizing to suit unique design requirements or to match existing stylistic choices.

Custom Tooltip Size

Ability to independently adjust the measurements of your tooltips. No longer are you confined to the default parameters - where the tooltip size is tied to the button size. Now you can precisely control the dimensions of tooltip associate with both main and secondary buttons.

Hold Tooltip open

Allows you to keep tooltips open upon page load. This functionality ensures that item labels are immediately visible to your website visitors, providing them with required information without any additional interactions. As a result, key content or instructions that you want users to see as soon as they land on the page can be highlighted effectively. This can also reduce the learning curve for navigating your website and improve the overall user experience by instantly directing attention to core elements or features of your page right from the start.

Extra Style

Achieve even greater control over button aesthetics with the ability to add custom styles to the page.


Icon Animation

Breathe new life into your site's buttons. This capability lets you transform your plain static icons into lively, interactive symbols. Be spoilt for choice with seven distinct options for animations.

Main Button Animation

Upgrade your web navigation with engaging visual elements by animating your main button. Choose from an array of 11 distinct animations to heighten the main button's visual appeal. This feature could significantly captivate your visitors' attention and foster a more immersive browsing experience.

Sub-Button Display Animation

With the provision of pre-configured animation options for sub-button unveiling, you can add a dynamic flair to your webpage. While the standard setting renders them with a 'Fade' effect, this feature enhances customization by offering 8 unique animation styles. This versatile functionality enables you to tailor the sub-button display animation to match your site's aesthetics.

Display Conditions:

Display Rules

Choose to display or hide the element on specific parts of your site, such as home page, blog page, archive pages, individual posts or pages, custom post types.

Devices Rules

Adjust visibility based on the device the visitor is using, such as desktop or mobile.

Users Rules

Control visibility based on the user's status. For example, you might show or hide elements depending on whether a user is logged in, what user role they have (like Subscriber, Contributor, Administrator), or even target specific users.

Browsers Rules

This powerful feature allows you to tailor your content to the specific browser your visitor is using. With Browser Rules, you can create unique experiences for users depending on their browser type, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

Language Rule

If your site is multilingual, you can decide which elements appear for each language.


Set the element to appear or disappear during certain timeframes. This can be useful for time-limited offers or seasonal events.