• Powerful Custom Style Editor
  • Enable powerful email settings
  • Email Marketing Services Integration
  • Collect emails & other data
  • Create any amount of forms

yiya asian porn WordPress plugin Ulti Forms – suite of tools to create effective forms of interaction with users, has flexible settings for each form placed on the site. We have developed a plugin, which installation solves a number of problems the site administrator facing

Powerful Styling Change positioning, sizes, alignment, fonts, font sizes, colors, borders, button colors & sizing…practically anything!

Choose Fields That You Need

see url You can choose the: input, textarea, select, checkbox, radio

Settings the field option Customize fields as needed: field width, validation, placeholder, show/hide title

Send Emails To Users

new sexy girl sex Enable to send the email to user after his optin. Enter your text, paste your images, links, etc. with a built-in editor! You can also use this for emailing locked content or access to locked content.

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Change Texts Change button text, change placeholder texts, change confirmation texts, change error texts, setup texts for confirmation email

Save Emails To A List

watch Save all entered emails to a built-in email list. Grow your email base to monetize it.

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Email Services Integration

source Integrate your form with popular Emailing list services.

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Fine-tuning the form display

black amateur hairy pussy Show the form depending on the role of the user, device and language


Include reCaptcha

see Use the reCaptcha to prevent sending Spam notifications

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Can be used for:

  • Feedback;
  • Contact;
  • Review;
  • Quiz;
  • Online Calculator;
  • Order Form;
  • Subscription

see url Contact Form

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Your question

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Babe Ruth is associated with which sport?

In the film Babe, what type of animal was Babe?

What’s the total number of dots on a pair of dice? Review

source url Online Calculator

Type of Site
Number of pages

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