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[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-bomb size="nm" align="aligncenter"]


[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-bullhorn color="#dd3333" size="nm" align="aligncenter"]


[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-external-link color="#2d7bbf" size="nm" align="aligncenter" link="" target="_blank"]

Hover link

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-external-link-square color="#1c1c1c" size="nm" align="aligncenter" link="" target="_blank" hover="#bc1e0d"]



None, Left, Center, Right

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-align-center color="#eeee22" size="lg" align="aligncenter"]

Animation On Hover

[wow-icons lib=gmi name=pets color="#dd9933" size="nm" align="aligncenter" animation="flipInY" on="hover" delay="0" link=""]

Animation On Click


[wow-icons lib=gmi name=android color="#81d742" size="nm" align="aligncenter" hover="#43963c" animation="zoomIn" on="click" delay="0"]

Animation On Scroll

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-cloud-upload color="#eeee22" size="nm" align="aligncenter" animation="fadeInUp" on="load" delay="3"]

Tooltip Top

Thi is Flaf

Tooltip Right

Thi is Flaf

Tooltip Bottom

Thi is Flaf

Tooltip Left

Thi is Flaf

Shape Circle

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-gitlab color="#eeee22" size="nm" align="aligncenter" shape="circle" shapecol="#000000"]

Shape Square

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-font-awesome color="#1e73be" size="nm" align="aligncenter" shape="square" shapecol="#eeee22"]

Shape Rounded

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-automobile color="#000000" size="nm" align="aligncenter" shape="rounded" shapecol="#81d742"]

Outline Circle

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-signing color="#dd3333" size="nm" align="aligncenter" shape="c-outline" shapecol="#81d742" animation="flash" on="hover" delay="0"]

Outline Square

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-arrows color="#000000" size="nm" align="aligncenter" shape="s-outline" shapecol="#1e73be" animation="wobble" on="hover" delay="0" hover="#81d742"]

Outline Rounded

It’s me

[wow-icons lib=fa name=fa-balance-scale color="#81d742" size="nm" align="aligncenter" shape="r-outline" shapecol="#eeee22" animation="pulse" on="hover" delay="0" title="It's me" position="left" width="100"]

what you get

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9 Great icon fonts

More 2500 icons

70+ Animation


Customize Style

Change color, size, align, background.


Insert the link to the icon.


Set the tooltip for icon.

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Insert icons where you want via shortcodes: in post, page or menu.

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