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Popup Box Pro

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Awesome Features


Add additional triggers to open a popup such as: Auto show, by Click on element, by Hover on element, Exit intent, Right Click, Select Text, Scrolling.

Forced Interaction

Disabling the close button can be used in a variety of ways, from protecting content or areas of your site to forcing users to complete an action before continuing.

Show only once

Possibility to show the pop-up window only once for the user.

Redirect visitor on close

Defines if the visitor gets redirected to another URL after popup gets closed.

Auto Close

This will help you lock the screen for some time so that the user can read the necessary information.


Add scheduling options to your popups. With multiple schedule types, you can precisely schedule your popups in just a few minutes.

Display on Taxonomy

The ability to display pop-ups only in taxonomies. Works with WooCommerce, EDD and other plugins with taxonomy.

User Role

Show popup depending on user (for all users, only for logged-in users, only for not logged-in users).

Multi language

The condition for display the popup depending on the language of the site. It is good to use if you have a website in several languages and you need to show different popups for a different language.


Ability to deactivate the display of popups in selected browsers.

Live Editor

Creating the popup style live.

Highly Customizable

Build a more powerful and influential style for your popups – add background images, add font style for popup overlay, content and close button, set different close button position.


28 different animations for show and hide popup and overlay. Make the appearance of your popup more attractive.

Devices control

You can specify for which devices to show the popup.

Specific pages

Show the popup on the specific pages.

Without jQuery

The plugin works without jQuery library, only JavaScript.

Without Cookie

The plugin does not use cookies and complies GDPR.

Activate/Deactivate mode

Possibility to activate and deactivate popups.

Test Mode

In testing mode, the popup will be displayed only for the site administrator but not for users.


W3C Valid Code

Free Updates

Product get maintained with improvements and bug fixes.

Fast Support

We work closely with the user community and listen to your opinion. We provide free technical and information support for customers.

Popup Demos

Each popup is fully customizable, styles, colors, sizes, etc.


Open Popup

Hover on element

Hover on element

Right Click

Please, click on mouse right button.

Select text

Please, select any text.


Open Popup


Open Popup

Redirect after close

Open Popup

Auto Close

Open Popup

Google Map

Open Popup

Info Bar

Open Popup

Welcome to the Demo page

The Popup Box Pro plugin helps you show any important information for your visitors. 

Exit Intent Popup

Show any popup at the precise moment when a visitor is about to leave your website.


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You have scrolled to the bottom of the page


You clicked the right mouse button


Why do you want to select text?

Setup a background image


This is an example of a modal window with a background image & Hover trigger



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