follow Use each tool separately or use them together & create great offers, run captivating marketing campaigns, motivate users to take action or simply improve your website to engage & delight your users.


capricorn sex horoscope Create popups & flyouts
  • Create any kind of modal windows with a powerful editor
  • Style them how you want
  • Place them anywhere
  • Trigger on anything
  • Insert any content
  • Collect emails & other data

FAKE NOTIFICATIONS Show fictitious notifications to motivate users to take action
  • Use variables to create a non-stopping flow of notifications
  • Create the unlimited amount of different notification sets
  • Customize and style to fit your needs

FORMS GENERATOR Create easy-to-setup forms
  • Powerful Custom Style Editor
  • Enable powerful email settings
  • Email Marketing Services Integration
  • Collect emails & other data
  • Create any amount of forms

MULTI COUNTERS Increasing the conversion of purchases
  • Unlimited amount of Timers & Countdowns
  • Enable session tracking to make it realistic
  • Enable randomizer to make it even more realistic
  • Setup triggers when the countdown runs out

FLOATING SIDE MENU Easily creating awesome custom menu
  • Unlimited amount of menus
  • Customize the style of the menu buttons
  • Place them anywhere
  • Awesome animation
  • Insert any content in popup


see url Provide any extra content and functionality


here Creating awesome circle menu with icons

  • Unlimited amount of menus
  • Change button color and hover color
  • Place them anywhere
  • Awesome animation
  • 8 Positions of floating buttons

CREDIT CALCULATORS Insert a credit calculators on the WP site

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  • Customize the style
  • 14 Credit Calculators
  • Place them anywhere via Shortcode

WOW LOGIN Email and social login

go to link
  • Highly customizable
  • Get user’s email from Social Network
  • Members are saved into a built-in list
  • Integrated with 5 Email Services
  • Send an email to the new users