Main Settings

Main Settings

The plugin has two main modes:

Activated – If this mode is activated then the counter will be displayed on the page, otherwise, the counter will not be.

Test Mode – this mode allows only the administrator to see the counter on the frontend. The counter will not be visible to all other users.  In frontend testing mode, a button is available to reset data. It can only be used in certain types of meter.

The picture below shows the timer data reset button

Reset Timer data


Types of counter

Counter Box Main Settings

The plugin has 7 types of counter:

Countdown to date – the standard countdown to a specific set date. Can be used, for example as the countdown to Christmas

Count from date – countdown from a certain date. For example, how much time has passed since the founding of Google Corporation.

Countdown to weekday – сountdown to a specific time of the day of the week. This countdown will be updated the next day from the selected day of the week. This is a cyclical countdown. For example, can be used as the countdown until the weekly Friday party

Timer – the timer is set for a specific time and is reset after a page refresh. Can be used to motivate users to stay on the page for a certain amount of time.

Timer for each user – The timer will be set at a specific time for each specific user. As an example, it can be used to show a discount and hide it after the timer expires.

Timer Stop & Go – Sets the total time that the timer will count down for each user. After the user leaves the page, the timer will be stopped and after the repeated visit by the user, timer will continue from the place when the user left the page

Counter – counts down certain values. It can both increase and decrease. As an example, it can be used as social proof of purchases of goods by adding a certain quantity to goods at a certain time.