Translation Theme

Translation by Loco Translate

Download the plugin here.

  1. After install and active the plugin will see Loco Translate in the menu, click on it.
  2. Will find the active theme and the active plugins.
  3. Click on “Theme”.
  4. Click on “New language”.
  5. Will open this page.
    Translate Theme
  6. Choose your language English (United States), Arabic, or anythings and Choose the Custom location to not lost the edits after each update.
  7. The language you choose it and it will show at your site you must select it from the WordPress setting.
  8. After that click on “Start translating”.
  9. Click on “Sync” to update the last change at the language file.
  10. Then find in “Filter translations” any things you need to search.
  11. Then click on the sentences do you need to change it or translate it and at the Translation section add your words.
  12. Then after finished click “Save”.