IKnowledgeBase Documentation

Welcome to the IKnowledgeBase theme documentation. These instructions briefly explain how to setup and configure all theme features.

Theme Installation

Since it is the same procedure for every theme, this tutorial does not explain how to install the theme. If you need help with the theme installation, please see the Install WordPress themes tutorial.

Install PRO Version Plugin

Please be aware that the PRO Version of IKnowledgeBase is an Add-on plugin for the Tortuga theme. Therefore you have to install and activate the Tortuga theme and install the IKnowledgeBase Pro plugin in addition. You can learn how to install Plugins on the Install WordPress plugins tutorial.

Theme Options

All theme settings you can do in Customize page. Navigate to Appearance → Customize


Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity

  1. Upload your logo in .png or .jpg format.
  2. Upload your favicon, 512×512 is the preferred size in png format or jpg.


IKnowledgeBase supports the awesome Theme Customizer. You can configure all theme settings on your WordPress admin panel → Appearance → Customize on the “Theme Options” section.

The “Theme Options” section in the Customizer includes following sub sections:

Main Settings

Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Main Settings

In “Main Settings” you can set: location of sidebar

Pro version has options for: primary color, text color and body image


Home Page Category

Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Home Page Category

In “Home Page Category” you can set how the categories will display on home page

Pro version has options for: panel heading background color

Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Navigation Menu

In “Navigation Menu” you can set how the main navigation will appearance.

Pro version has options for: text color, background color and hover color



Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Post

In ‘Post’ you can enabled/disabled featured image for post

Pro version has options for: disabled post meta, enable voting, icon color


Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Breadcrumb

In ‘Breadcrumb’ you can select the separator between links

Pro version has options for: text color


Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Icons

In “Icons” you can enable icon fonts and set the icon for posts.


Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Media

In “Media” you can set the image for 404 page and main image.

Appearance → Customize → Theme Options → Footer

In “Footer” you can set the text for footer like ‘All rights reserved © 2021 IKnowladgeBase’.

Pro version has options for: background color, text color, hover color



The theme has custom widget ‘IknowledgeBase Current Nav’ for display navigation for categories.

Navigate to Appearance → Widgets

Front Page

1. Navigate to Pages, press ‘Add New’

2. Select Template Home Page

3. To make Home page your homepage you have to go at Settings Reading and choose it as front page.

Create button in menu

For create button in navigation menu just added the class to menu item ‘button is-primary’

Create contact form

For creating a contact form for WordPress theme Iknowledgebase, you can install the plugin ‘Contact Form 7’

  1. Install and activate the free plugin ‘Contact Form 7
  2. Create the necessary form
  3. For design, you can use the HTML elements from the site https://bulma.io/
  4. Insert the form shortcode on the page

The code uses in demo page ‘Contact’:

<div class="field is-grouped">
<div class="control is-expanded">
[text* your-name class:input placeholder "Name"]
<div class="control is-expanded">
[email* your-email class:input placeholder "Email"]
<div class="field">
<div class="control">
[text* your-subject class:input placeholder "Subject"]
<div class="field mb-6">
<div class="control">
[textarea* your-message class:textarea placeholder "Write something..."]
<div class="field my-5">
<div class="control has-text-centered">
[submit class:button class:is-primary "Submit"]

Pro Version extra options

The Pro Version of IKnowledgeBase is an add-on plugin which you can purchase on the IKnowledgeBase Pro page.

Add icon to each category.

Navigate to Posts → Categories → Edit Category.

Mark a post as useful.