Menu item settings

Menu item settings

Icon – set the default Font Awesome icon or set custom icon.

Label text – set the text for the menu item.

Sub menu – set item as sub-item for the first item of the menu.

Item type – types of the button which can be select:

  • Link – insert any link.
  • Share – Share the page in the selected social network.
  • Print – print the page.
  • Scroll to Top – go to the header of the site.
  • Scroll to Bottom- go to the bottom of the site.
  • Smooth Scroll – scroll the page to the element with ID.
  • Go Back – the previous URL in the history list.
  • Go Forward – the next URL in the history list.
  • Email – link for send email.
  • Telephone – set the telephone number. Call on the telephone number by clicking on the button. This option work for mobiles.
  • Login – link to the login page with redirect after login.
  • Logout – logout link with a redirect link.
  • Register – link to the standard WordPress register page.
  • Lostpassword – link to the standard WordPress page to reset the password.
  • Open Popup – opening plugin popup by clicking on the button

Open in new window – opening the link in the new window for Item type -> Link

Hold open – when the page loads, the menu item will open.